These are our delicious, lip-smacking, mouth-watering cakes. Feel free to know more about them or you can start ordering them now! We’ll be more than happy to serve you the freshest of cakes for your delightful indulgence 🙂

Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake

Black Forest Cake


Apple Cake


Fruit Cake


Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake

Chococcino Cake

chococcino cake

Cheese Cake

cheese cake

Madeira Cake

Madeira Cake

White Forest Cake

white forest cake

Sacher Torte Cake

sacher torte cake

Chocolate Fudge Cake

chocolate fudge Cake

Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu cakes

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Vanilla Cake

vanilla cake

Blue Berry Cake

blueberry cake

Passion Cake

passion cake